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Powerful Virtual Servers
Our Virtual Server technology gives you the flexibility and power of a dedicated server and the cost savings of a shared-server hosting solution!  Each Virtual Server has its own complete set of Internet services that you can customize to meet your needs.  Our Virtual Server host hardware and network connectivity is state of the art.

Server A
Server B
Solaris Server B
Server C
Monthly Fee
Set-Up Fee
Disk Space
100 MB
400 MB
400 MB
800 MB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Number of POP3/IMAP Accounts
1 (Unlimited Aliases)
Max Number of Domains
Number of FTP Accounts
RealServer Capable
Database Capable
Telnet and SSH Access
Autoresponders and Email Lists
Customized Apache Web Server

Each Virtual Server product also includes the following features:

Multiple domain hosting

Complete manual on how to administer your superHost Virtual Server

High-speed connectivity

Full /CGI-BIN/ access and functionality

Anonymous and non-anonymous FTP accounts

FTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP services

Manage your Virtual Server remotely
The flexibility of our Virtual Servers allow you to extend their functionality with all kind of server add-ons including the following:

E-commerce services like SSL

Microsoft FrontPage

Database engines like Oracle, MySQL & mSQL

Multimedia services like RealServer

Statistical reporting software like WebTrends

Apache Dynamic Shared Objects (DSO) like mod_perl, mod_fastcgi, mod_python, and mod_jserv ready-to-go

Full httpd.conf access

Perl 5.6.1 w/CPAN, GCC 2.95.3, Python 2.1.3, Bash/tcsh/csh/rsh, uptime/top, pico/emacs/vi

And many more!

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